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Wildlife (2018)

Wildlife is a movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan, and Bill Camp. A teenage boy must deal with his mother's complicated response after his father temporarily abandons them to take a menial and dangerous job.

IMDB: 7.30 Likes

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  • IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 
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The Synopsis for Wildlife (2018) 720p

A teenage boy must deal with his mother's complicated response after his father temporarily abandons them to take a menial and dangerous job.

The Director and Players for Wildlife (2018) 720p

[Role:]Ed Oxenbould
[Role:]Bill Camp
[Role:]Carey Mulligan
[Role:Director]Paul Dano
[Role:]Jake Gyllenhaal

The Reviews for Wildlife (2018) 720p

A good start for Paul Dano's directorial debutReviewed bymr_bickle_the_pickleVote: 7/10

This movie is being described as "A boy witnesses his parents' marriage falling apart after his mother finds another man." And while I think thats true, I think its a bit more complex than that. It also is a bit of a coming of age story where Joe has to grow up and be the adult in this family, but also it seems that mom is having a mid-life crisis (although shes not quite mid-life) and trying to discover who she is outside of being the "perfect 50s housewife" that perhaps she feels trapped in. There's a lot of symbolism in this movie. The backdrop of this movie is that there is a wildfire that has been raging and the townspeople have been desperately trying to put out. And that correlates with Joe and his own family. Hes trying to put out the fire in his own family. Also, Joe works at photography studio and Paul Dano (the director and co-writer) even said that this is supposed to be a PORTRAIT of a family life.

Speaking of Paul Dano, I think he did well with his directorial debut. I think visually there are some gorgeous shots in this movie. Like for instance where Joe is watching the wildfires (and hes perfectly centered - probably again to mimic the portrait vibe). Also where Joe is about to give up but it starts to snow and hope has regained. I liked the film for the most part. They do frame the film by following Joe's perspective. And I think its mostly effective in making you feel for this kid, my only problem is there are a couple of parts where I feel like there are gaps in the story. Without giving too much away there is a scene where Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal) has decided to seek revenge and it ends up backfiring. And yet, the next time we see him everything seems to be fine. And it never really gets explained what happened. Theres a brief line that they decided it was a "misunderstanding" but you never really see what happened and he also gets hurt during this, and that never gets brought up again either. I know Paul and Zoe (the other writer) were adapting this from a book and perhaps thats the way it is in there too. But I personally found that a little frustrating. I needed a little more.

Carey Mulligan is fantastic in this. She would be deserving to have her name thrown in the hat for awards season. I also thought Ed Oxenbould was a standout too. Which is good to hear since he's onscreen for pretty much most of the movie. I definitely will be looking forward to more of his things. I also thought Jake Gyllenhaal was good but hes absent for a good chunk of the film and so he just didnt stand out as much as Carey or Ed did.

Overall I liked the film. It wasn't perfect, but I would totally check out another film that Paul Dano directs.

not as wild as i expected.Reviewed byops-52535Vote: 7/10

If your looking for comedy ,action or mystery in this drama,well then your walking the wrong doo, its pure drama and only that.

its about a tormented little family,bvased in montana in the late 1950's early 60's,jobs are hard to get,and the family life are like low on wd-44. there are boredom leading to adultery,that leads to a terrible heartbreaking conflict of confidence in their 14 year old son. its not screamed out,rather a silent victim of his parents choices.

its hard to choose side in this kinda movie,the unconscious says yes,but the better half says no.... it is a film where the filmography plays a great part of telling the story,and that are far above average.the acting are splendindly done by mr oxenbould,and gyllenhaal and ms mulligan have some powerfull dialouges when screaming at eachother. what i find difficult is the pace of the movie, far too slow, and the absence of both warm and cold feelings in this existential drama.its a 6 without doupt,and a bit reluctantly recommendable..

Warning: Gyllenhaal is not the lead hereReviewed bythejoudblitzVote: 5/10

We see a boring family break apart from the perspective of the young boy. End of story. Safe to say there is no story, but there could easily have been one. Clearly the father is the most interesting character in "Wildlife". Being fired from a job that is not that good in the first place, he retains some of his pride and self-respect by refusing an offer to go back to that kind of work, an offer from the very same people who discarded him before. Instead he shows everybody and himself what it means to work hard, for little money, and do some good in the process. That is the story that should have been explored, not the son's take on things who, admittingly, acts admirable in the face of adversity, but is just not very interesting as a human being. Maybe it would have helped if the actor had any screen presence, or would have even remotely looked like his parents, for believability. Acting is great, from everybody in the film. Setting is awesomely done, camera work is fine. Score is not memorable, but that might be because the pace of the movie is so off, considering there was nothing to tell.

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