The Special Relationship (2010) 1080p YIFY Movie

The Special Relationship (2010) 1080p

The Special Relationship is a TV movie starring Michael Sheen, Demetri Goritsas, and Adam Godley. A dramatization that traces former UK prime minister Tony Blair's relationships with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 93
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The Synopsis for The Special Relationship (2010) 1080p

In 1992, Labour leader goes to America and is impressed by the policies of President , which he uses to reshape his party. Two years later, he is invited back for an audience with Clinton, who, rightly, predicts that he will be Britain's next Prime Minister. Thus begins the 'special relationship' between the two, though Clinton is clearly the senior partner with Blair seeking his advice on Northern Ireland. The situation in Kosovo however reverses the roles as Blair forces American intervention by a reluctant president and is seen in the American media as the hero of the hour. As Clinton accuses his ally of stabbing him in the back the special relationship starts to sour and, with Clinton ultimately out of the White House, Blair takes his first photo call with the next incumbent, .

The Director and Players for The Special Relationship (2010) 1080p

[Director]Richard Loncraine
[Role:]Michael Sheen
[Role:]Marc Rioufol
[Role:]Adam Godley
[Role:]Demetri Goritsas

The Reviews for The Special Relationship (2010) 1080p

Some Hits and Misses!Reviewed bySylVote: 8/10

The Special Relationship is between two men, United States President Bill Clinton played by Dennis Quaid and British Prime Minister Tony Blair played again by Michael Sheen OBE. In this film, it examines their friendship and relationship over the course of the Bosnian conflict in the later nineties. It also includes their wives. Hillary Rodham Clinton is played perfectly by Hope Davis. Cherie Blair is played well by Helen McCrory. This film would be wonderful to show school children but because of Clinton's misconduct with Monica Lewinsky and the lewd language. It should not shown at least passed over. I love Michael Sheen's Tony Blair and Dennis Quaid does a fabulous Bill Clinton. It's like a platonic love affair between two men both who admire each other but have differences. The writing could be better but there are great moments in the film between the couples as well.

fantasticReviewed byborr-3Vote: 10/10

I enjoyed every minute of this film and think it represents the best in political filmmaking. As a former high school civics teacher, I wish I had had a film like this to show my classes on the inner workings of real government. I highly recommend that teachers rent this film along with "All the President's Men" to explore both the weaknesses and strengths of our democratic system.

Dennis Quaid was Bill Clinton.

I found the film to be even-handed and responsible in covering events in our history that many of us wish had never happened. Loved the kitchen scene after Bush's victory speech between Blair and Clinton.

Don't miss the opportunity to rent or buy this film!

Surprisingly good!Reviewed byflyzone1Vote: 9/10

It seems movie reviews of this work are subject to the politics and realities of the event rather than the recreation and acting of this surprisingly good story. Dennis Quaid, who I've never seen do anything above mediocre work usually just mirroring himself, was just outstanding as Bill Clinton. I think it is by far his best piece of acting to date. Equally so for Michael Sheen who I am less familiar with. Both men did a good job of presenting the personalities, complexities and subtleties of each leader. "Hillary Clinton" didn't just look the part - she was Hillary (at least what we know of her). Bill was presented as the smart politician sleaze ball and failed leader of lost promise that he was. Tony Blair is presented as both a promising leader and sympathetic character doomed to eventual destruction. The story was able to project all this in its short 90 minutes. On top of that it was educational to boot. Good job!

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