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If I Had a Million (1932)

If I Had a Million is a movie starring Gary Cooper, Charles Laughton, and W.C. Fields. A dying tycoon gives million-dollar windfalls to eight people picked from the city directory.

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The Synopsis for If I Had a Million (1932) 720p

Tycoon John Glidden, dying though still vigorous, is so dissatisfied with his relatives and associates that, rather than will his money to any of them, he decides to give it away in million-dollar amounts to strangers picked from the city directory. He picks a meek china salesman; a prostitute; a forger; two ex-vaudevilleans who hate road hogs; a condemned man; a mild-mannered clerk; a boisterous marine; and an oppressed inmate of an old ladies' home.

The Director and Players for If I Had a Million (1932) 720p

[Director]James Cruze
[Role:]George Raft
[Role:]Charles Laughton
[Role:]Gary Cooper
[Role:]W.C. Fields

The Reviews for If I Had a Million (1932) 720p

A great batch of short storiesReviewed byROCKY-19Vote: 7/10

Thank heavens for fans of W.C. Fields, because it is they who have kept this diamond in the public forum after all these years. The film certainly does not belong to Fields, as his Road Hog routine is just one of eight stories of varying lengths. But fortunately, his fans discovered this film so the rest of us can truly enjoy everything else it has to offer, as well. A collection of writers presented eight stories of people who get an unexpected windfall from a steel tycoon. Some are funny, some are touching, some are brilliant in their brevity, some just make you think. Just desserts is the main theme. The Eddie Jackson (George Raft) segment is twistedly ironic enough to be a "Twilight Zone" episode. And EVERYBODY wants to be Phineas Lambert (Charles Laughton). Great writing, great cast - a good time.

A little known masterpieceReviewed byzetesVote: 7/10

While the concept may not be unknown today (and it probably wasn't unknown even in its day: a man randomly hands out $1 million checks), If I Had a Million is one of the very best films of the 1930s. Why? The writing and acting are tiers above an average movie. Not one of the stories failed. They range from hilarious (W.C. Fields getting revenge on road hogs) to very poignant (the sad old women in the convalescent home). I cried more than once. I laughed as often.

Yet...I missed about 15 minutes, probably one story and a conclusion. The convalescent home was the last part I saw. My tape cut out at what I expect to be the end of it. Can anyone tell me what happens afterwards? I would love to own this masterpiece, but it is of yet unavailable on VHS or DVD. Let us pray for release and recognition.

What happens to ordinary people who come into a LOT of moneyReviewed bypatriotsVote: 7/10

This was the brainchild that launched TV's "The Millionaire," about 25 years later. A dying multi-millionaire can't stand the thought of leaving his fortune to his despised relatives. He decides to give the fortune away, a million dollars at a time, to strangers chosen from the phone book. There are a series of vignettes tied together by the reception of the million dollar check. It is a story of, "just desserts," and its all star cast is perfect in every scene. A must see! I wish they'd release this on video, so I could get a copy.

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