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Attack Force Z (1982)

Attack Force Z is a movie starring John Phillip Law, Mel Gibson, and Sam Neill. A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.

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The Synopsis for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.

The Director and Players for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

[Director]Tim Burstall
[Role:]John Phillip Law
[Role:]Chris Haywood
[Role:]Sam Neill
[Role:]Mel Gibson

The Reviews for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

Reviewed bySgtSlaughterVote: 5/10/10

ATTACK FORCE Z is the only Aussie war movie I've seen yet besides RETURNFROM THE RIVER KWAI. It's fast-paced, fun, cheesy and plentyentertaining.

Jon Phillip Law (DEATH RIDES A HORSE) stars as an Allied commando who leads4 international commandos to rescue a Japanese defector from aJapanese-infested island in the Pacific.

The movie features a lot of familiar plot elements, and strongly resemblesthe earlier American features AMBUSH BAY and BEACHHEAD. Only here, the movieis based on fact; a similar mission involving the "Z" Special Forces teamwas actually undertaken in the Pacific. The cast features a lot of youngactors who were unknown at the time, including Mel Gibson (WE WERE SOLDIERS)as the team leader and Sam Neill as the radio operator.

The movie is obviously pretty low budget, as the action scenes involve fewextras and are mostly skirmishes between the 5 commandos and Japanesepatrols. There's some great martial arts action as a Chinese commandojudo-chops dozens of Japanese soldiers to their deaths. The final battlescene, in which a handful of Chinese resistance fighters hold off at least afew dozen Japanese soldiers with shotguns is corny, as the Japanese alwayscharge right into oncoming fire and never attempt a flanking movement. Oneresistance fighter stands in the alley blasting away with a shotgun, onlydying once he's taken 6+ direct hits and grenade fragments. The Japanesesoldiers look and act like idiots and use American machineguns, and theAussies have M3 machine-pistols with silencers that never run out of ammoand never miss -- but what the heck, it's pretty entertaining and logic-freeentertainment.

The musical score is great patriotic stuff by Eric Jupp, and thecinematography is pretty stunning. The Taiwanese crew does a great job withthe little budget they had.

The version shown on TNT and TBS once in a very great while is of goodquality. Unfortunately, there were some scenes in Japanese and others inChinese which lacked subtitles. The closed captions weren't much help eitheras they read, "Speaking in Oriental Language". I haven't seen the NTSC videoyet because it's far too expensive for my taste.

All in all, this really isn't the best war film out there. The action scenesbring the worst excesses to WINDTALKERS to mind as they're excellentlyphotographed by defy all logic known to man. Still, the pace is fast, thecharacters good and the scenery is stunning. I give this a6/10.

Cliché Australian Version of American War MoviesReviewed bypopcorninhellVote: 6/10

Attack Force Z; A movie saved from obscurity solely because it provided early rolls to Mel Gibson and Sam Neill. Throw parallels to The Guns of Navarone (1961), The Dirty Dozen (1967) and Where Eagles Dare (1968) and you got yourself an Australian knock-off of early tough-soldier- man American bravado.

A group of Australian special forces is deployed during WWII to recover the passengers of a downed plane in Japanese occupied Dutch East Indies. There they kick the proverbial hornets nest and try to stay alive thanks to the help of an underground resistance movement.

It was hard to get into this one largely due to its constant clichés. I guess I have seen the dramatic self-sacrifice of a noble comrade and stealth gone awry because a twig snapped way too many times. The characters themselves aren't incredibly developed and any attempt to flesh them out feels jerky and unnatural. At one point it just gets absurd as one character stays behind to protect the love interest he had shared a room with only a few cuts ago. Granted she prevented him from being discovered but besides a common enemy they had little to really bond over.

Another major problem I had was the elongated scenes involving other languages like Japanese and Cantonese. Perhaps it was just the version I saw but with no subtitles provided, I was forced to guess what they were saying and only later confirm what was going on. Plus if I'm not mistaken, they speak Malay in Indonesia not Cantonese.

Multi-Cultural War in the Pacific!Reviewed byspookyrat1Vote: 6/10

Better than average Aussie "B" feature, where the producers have certainly gained maximum bang for their buck in more ways than one.

Let's be clear from the outset. This is a fictional story, supposedly based on the real life exploits of the Z force. The high body count pretty much attests to that. But high body counts do mean there is action and I have to admit some surprise as to how well director Tim Burstall, not really known for action films, choreographs the action sequences in this movie, bearing in mind that the budget he was working with was minimal. Still he cleverly manages to include realistically; a submarine, an exploding plane, fire - fights, martial arts and a climactic battle (of sorts). Attack Force Z may be many things, but it can't be accused of being dull.

Burstall even manages to throw in a couple of unexpected twists. One of the supporting cast members who was (and arguably still is) a very well-known Australian actor of the 70's and 80's, plays a character who barely has 5 minutes of screen time before suffering a probable unforeseen fate.

A bonus of course is we get to see both Mel Gibson (complete with Aussie accent) and Sam Neill playing together in pre-Hollywood fame roles. Gibson is the mission leader and Neill is effectively his trusty sidekick. I have to also say John Phillip Law plays the (token) American-Dutch, mandarin-speaking (LOL) character very competently.

The story itself too is quite interesting with its variation on the war against the Japanese in the Pacific, by this time, strongly highlighting the involvement of the ethnic Chinese.

I was pleasantly surprised with this film, as I'm sure others will be too.

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